What is a Smart Building?

building automation system

building automation systemMaybe some of the tech activists have often heard about this Smart Building, but it is very common if we are less familiar with the world of technology today. This may be due to the relatively broad branch of smart building. In this article let’s briefly discuss the basics of smart building with the hope of being more easily understood.

Explanation of Smart Building

Smart Building or commonly also called Building Automation System are:

The concept of a smart building where the concept uses an automation system called Building Automation System (BAS). Smart Building automation system refers to the use of information technology and computers to control the equipment inside the building.

Smart building is a concept that integrates architectural design, interior design and mechanical electrical in order to provide movement speed / mobility and ease of control as well as access from any direction and anytime in the case of automation where all activities that occur in a building or building can occur without the existence of human interfere in it, in the sense even though no people in it then this building will run the command in accordance with the program we have created and we plant in the building’s brain.

Why Smart Building?

The data from the IBM Smarter Buildings Overview page of the National Science and Technology Council of the United States estimates that commercial and residential buildings consume one-third of the world’s energy. In North America for example, 72 percent of power generation, 12 percent of water use, and 60 percent of non-industrial waste. Taking into account other facts. If energy trends are used worldwide continuously, a building will become the largest consumer of global energy by 2025-upwards.

Energy Sector Smart Building

There are 9 energy sectors that will be made target efficiency of Smart Building management system as shown below:

9 Energy Sector Smart Building

Nine energy sectors that can actually be connected to each other into a form of smart building system is one thing that has not been much thought about the concept of existing buildings in the country of Indonesia.

That is my brief explanation of Smart Building, this article is a summary of the many sources I use and more use of sources from IBM.