The truth about the outlets

For many people, seeing a garment exposed on a mannequin is a temptation. After looking at her as she passes through a shopping center, they dream of her obsessively. They have to have it at all costs. No matter the cost because it is an investment. In the words of Carrie Brashaw (from the series Sex and the City): “I like to see my money hanging in my closet”.

These fashion addicts to enjoy the scent of a store, and revel playing textures and analyzing styles and colors. They cannot resist getting in and have to bite the fingers to be no more clothes than they even cover credit card. When this condition is added signs that say ‘50% off ‘,’ Jeans with 30% ‘or’ Pay 1 and lead 3 ‘, to voice whispers “buy me”. Why are you seductive outlets: satisfy the cravings and promote the economy in times of crisis.

And the fact is that outlets are more than discount stores: “They are models for evacuating merchandise so that inventory can be rotated in stores, because we are in a business”, says Carlos Eduardo Botero, president of Inexmoda. The fashion industry depends on change and rotation. If the consumer already bought the shirt and pants from a collection, he will not buy more until he is attracted to something new. “In countries like the United States and Canada, the collections change with each season. Since there are no stations in Colombia, the outlets started to be used: cheap clothing is available and brands can take advantage of the products to renew and not lose the investment, “says Alejandro Vallejo, an expert fashion journalist.

End myths

There are people who refuse to buy clothes because they have the belief that they are imperfect garments. Botero belies the myth. “Companies only Use this mechanism to change the price of the collections That are no longer in traditional stores Products are of very good quality, just as fashion is rotating permanently, there are Those outings inventory To have all the full flow “.
However, as with any purchase, for both the buyer and seller are satisfied, should be reviewed. “You always have to look at what they are buying: I measure it or try, because no one is infallible on that subject, ” advises Botero.

Perhaps the most important to consider when diving into the world of discounts are they wearing the latest collection. That is, no longer you find what is in the rage of fashion, but you will have the opportunity to buy that you wanted for a price that would have been impossible to get at the time it was in a furor.

In times of social networks and Internet outlets move to the network. It is very easy to find brands that offer discounts on Instagram, Facebook and other websites. With the immediacy of one click, you can purchase and receive them at home. Outside the virtual world, there are also exclusive areas of outlets, department stores and multibrand stores that combine the latest collections with discounts of the above.

These shops offer a “democratization of industry, because people can more easily access garment.” Due to the change of season, clothing is not lost, but you have another sweep “says Vallejo. To this extent, it is also a green mechanism that allows to extend the life of garments that could end up in the trash without reaching be used.

So, we can say that the outlets do work and are a valid outlet for those interested in acquiring good quality products at affordable prices. The only drawback is that we run the risk of finding the shoes of our dreams but in size 42. And, at that level, there is no template worth.