Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Women

Straight Hairstyles for Women

We did a post before on straight cute hairstyles and we highlighted some advantages and disadvantages of wearing straight hair. Today we will focus on the versatility of straight hair. We will highlight some of the best and most ideal styles for straight hair. Straight hair has a way of looking sophisticated and gorgeous especially when the hair is cut in a great style.

Some women are so blessed to have hair that can be defined as straight while the rest of us have hair filled with curls and kinks. There is nothing wrong with that and all of us can get straight hair, if we so desire. The texture of your hair doesn’t matter. The most important tool to have when trying to achieve straight hair is a good flat iron. I have always said every woman should invest in a good flat iron. You will always need to use one.

Many of us wait on having money to have good hairstyles. You can style your hair yourself until you can afford your very own stylist or multiple stylist for that fact. Wearing your hair straight is a great way to help you on your styling journey. The key principle is to make sure your hair is clean and don’t over use any products. Straight hair looks better with movement, therefore use minimal holding spray. Here are some great straight hairstyles to try for short, long and medium length hair.

The sleek straight bob is a great hairstyle to try. This look normally requires minimal straightening. This style is for women with short to medium length hair. The straight bob looks gorgeous on any face shape. You can add a blunt bang to make your look more appealing. Ensure to style hair to suit your face rather than try to look like someone else. For example a blunt bang may not be appealing on every woman. Find the style that suits you.

Another great straight hairstyle is the straight ponytail. This look is a great look for women with long straight hair. It has the advantage of looking clean and neat. Women with short layers may find it difficult to make this style neat if you wear your hair straight back. Simple add one holding spray to help keep hair in place. Flat iron the end of the ponytail straight down. If you already have a bang simple style to suit your face. This is a great casual look for women of all ages. More detailed guides, you can read through the website