Sliding Closet Door Lock for Function and Style

Sliding Closet Door Lock

Sliding Closet Door Lock

Sliding closet door lock is add to the closet as a part of decoration purposes or as a way to secure your sliding closet door. Usually the lock is attached together with the knob for the door since slide door need to get little curve so not to hinder its movement.

Type of locket that you could use for sliding door

  1. Ratchet Locks for sliding closet door: this lock as a bar of steel that used to secure the sliding door and a lock in the middle which you could open with a key. This type of lock for sliding door is usually applied to the glass sliding door so the glass would not be broken because of the lock but still could give enough security for your glass sliding door.
  2. Plunger Lock for closet door: this sliding closet door lock is really all about function since you just need to mount it to the inside of your sliding door. With this your sliding door would not get hinder since it has no knob or handle which could prevent your sliding door from moving. Usually this door lock is used for wooden sliding door since you need to create a hole to mount the lock inside.
  3. Adhesive lock for sliding door: this lock is very convenient since you just need to attach it so you could install it to your sliding door. The purpose of this lock is to prevent your children so they would not get smashed by the sliding door but still easy for adult to use them.
  4. Cavity lock for closet door: this lock has very stylish appearance but still function well. You just need to slide the lock in then turn the knob so the closet door could not be open.  This sliding closet door lock works well with wooden sliding door.