Schaum’s Outline of Electric Circuits, 6th edition by Mahmood Nahvi Ph.D. and Joseph Edminister

The book with title of the Schaum’s Outline of Electric Circuits, 6th edition (Schaum’s Outline Series) [Kindle Edition] is an interesting series of like circuit that will provide you with some opportunities to test the Author, Mr. Mahmood Nahvi’s circuit displays for their accuracy and worth to you. Starting with the basic electronics of measurement and continuing through the core knowledge base, the author presents information necessary to follow discussions concerning electrical theory and his examples. I recommend this book of circuit analysis, as it is both comprehensive in it’s presentation of electrical basics and advanced study needed for the student to understand this material. Electrical knowledge is both theory and practical knowledge of the theory, thus the complete understand will come only after the student commands the knowledge and applies it with examples, both at the test bench and in practical situations in the field.

A little more difficult than what i would say a fundamental level truly is, but after a couple semesters of class, this book was great help once i understood the fundaments themselves. Just keep in mind if you just started, it may be difficult to comprehend and i would look elsewhere to help you through fundamental. The book is great for someone who has already had some form of basic circuits. More students have trusted Schaum’s to help them succeed on exams in classroom. The Schaum’s can help to faster learning and higher grades in every subject in classroom. Each Outline on the book presents all the essential information in an easy topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills.This is not a book to start with to grasp concepts. Not that the book is bad in any way, it is just not one to start with when trying to get the basics.