Know the Various Kinds of Plastic Surgery and Beauty Instant Danger Behind Such

Everyone nothing is perfect and we all have flaws. Actually, behind the shortcomings that makes distinguishing one another. We, as humans, need to be more confident with the way we see and do not lean on all forms of cosmetic surgery and change this.People are constantly fiddling and changing their appearance medically and surgically causing huge losses. Many people are only concerned with their appearance and follow the latest trends, which means there is no second thought about the dangers and risks of plastic surgery, fillers and botox truth. MaxNyoos team has summarized the process of instant beauty who is currently a trend among the public.


1. Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic

1. Plastic Surgery / CosmeticOf course, plastic surgery is used to remove the skin, wrinkles or unwanted scars, remove grease or enlarge or reduce certain body parts so that a person can achieve their ideal appearance. However, when it comes to plastic surgery, there are some problems that accompany the emotional and mental health risks.

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Big emotional factor to get plastic surgery is the damage done to relationships with friends, family, co-workers and other important people.

These people in your life would be concerned with self-esteem and medical problems you are wrong, or they will be jealous, judge, see you as a threat and might even see you in vain, that can and do damage the relationship. People who undergo surgery are also having problems.

During the recovery phase after surgery, they will often feel depressed and like operations they do not fix all they want, resulting in disappointment and depression even more, which often cause people to want to be under the knife repeatedly.

As for the health risks, this varies depending on the operation, but the underlying risk of skin discoloration, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, infection, scarring, allergic reactions, rejection of the implant, sensory changes and death.

There are also examples where the operation has an error. For example, a woman who had a cosmetic eye surgery can not blink after the initial surgery and still can not do it even though there was an additional 22 corrective surgery he had before. Beauty is pain, but is not intended to painful and dangerous as the plastic surgery.

2. Botox

Botox is made from the most toxic and deadly poisons known to man. Although no long-term side effects are unknown, there is still something unnatural and harmful to the human body.

Botox is a pure derivative of botulinum toxin A, which is a bacteria that is made of a deadly poison. In the world of beauty, botox purpose is to soften and remove wrinkles for a while, that sounds like a dream but the costs and risks of using Botox is still not viable results.

Botox essentially paralyzes the muscles that create wrinkles, unnatural and create risk of a smile crooked, saliva, vision problems, dull eyes, muscle weakness spreads throughout the body, speech problems, eyebrows mengokoh, problems with breathing, trouble. Swallowing and even loss of bladder control.

When injected with botox, guaranteed no bruising, swelling and tenderness in the area in botox. Actually, most places in the world only allow botox done legally for medical purposes, such as people with cerebral palsy and chronic migraine, not for cosmetic purposes.

3. Fillers

fillers like Botox because it can be used to eliminate wrinkles for a while, but is mainly used to improve and enlarge the lips, cheeks, and elsewhere in the body. However, fillers are much more dangerous because of the possibility of the body rejecting and being allergic to greater substance.

Risk of fillers is also higher because the possibility is injected into the blood vessels, which is very dangerous because the blood vessels would create a blockage. If this happens, it could explode or walk to the lungs. Fillers can also make your face sag or cause skin and tissue erosion. The most serious risks with fillers is embolism, vascular occlusion (this can lead to tissue necrosis or death), blood clots, tissue dying and blindness.

Cosmetic world gives us the ability to improve and change its appearance so that we can see the road that we really want. However, these costs are not only costly financially, but also has a high cost of physically, mentally and emotionally. If you plan on getting any kind of cosmetic surgery, it is important to ensure it is done by a professional and to ensure the operation or change it as safe as possible. It is also important to know the risks and also realize that you are not going to match the high expectations that you set in your mind.