How To Make Kitten Makeup

The kitten costume is perfect for Carnival, for Halloween or theme parties even in the whole world appears dressed. Whether you’ve planned the whole costume or just being improvised at the last minute, make can make all the difference in creating a whirlwind fantasy or totally failing.

Steps to follow:

1.To do kitty makeup, I recommend that you start by applying a foundation to ensure that it hides the imperfections and that the face has a uniform tone. If you have questions about the tone or type of product you should use, check out this article that tells you how to choose the makeup base.

2.Then apply the concealer to conceal dark circles and imperfections that may be more noticeable. The goal is to start with a clean and smooth screen. If you do not know how to apply this product, check out how to use the concealer.

3.Then it is time to apply the eyeshadow. Start by making a faded eye with brown, black and/or gray shadows, not to mention the lower eyelash area. The eye of the kitten makeup should be very intense. Next, make the outlined kitten (obvious!), Creating a longer line than normal towards the inside of the eye. Fill the eyebrows and apply a shadow or white pencil to the bone to brighten the look, as in the photograph. Finish your eyes with false eyelashes or two layers of eyelash mask.

Tip: When applying the shadow on the upper eyelid, attach a card or paper by attaching the corner of the eye to the eyebrow so as not to transfer product to the side of the face and create a perfect border!