How To Make Black Makeup

A well-made makeup is very important in the production of women, because it corrects the imperfections that we all have or if we want a more natural makeup can only disguise that night badly asleep. The truth is that many use it, a good makeup values the beauty, leaving the woman more beautiful. Normally the eyes are the key point of the makeup, the zone of greater prominence, leaving the look more feminine, intense and seductive.

The black makeup is loved by womenfolk who like to make because it combines with almost everything, choosing clothes and accessories with a black makeup, it becomes easier. The dark tones or smoky black make-up are generally used for evening events, which does not mean that you can not wear a black makeup by day, it can, it has to be it is less intensified, for parties and ballads you bode to abuse more of the black and play with him.

Steps to follow:

1.Before you start doing your black eye makeup you have to treat the skin first, pass a cream, a light foundation, an anti-eye bags and then wipe the powder. The powder is very important for those who are going to make black eye because when the black powder does not stick, just pass with a little paper that comes out.

2.Put the base on the eyelids and then apply the shade fixer, only on the movable eyelid.

3.With a special brush for shadows applies a brown shadow across your movable eyelid, it may a little further up the concave, it vanishes to be very soft.
If you want this makeup to use on a daily basis use a lighter brown, no glitter.

4.Then apply a black shadow over the brown shadow, but now only on the movable eyelid, it fades to pass a little of the concave area. Be careful not to let the black leftover go through all the brown shadow space so there is a soft gradient.
If you want a more intense black to moisten your brush before applying the shade. +

5.Pass the black eyeliner on the eye to give the final finish, you can use a gel eyeliner if you do not have much practice.

6.Apply the eyeliner to the lower eyelashes, smudge the black pencil with a thin smudge brush.

7.Now you just have to put on a mascara of your choice, you can also choose to put false eyelashes to enhance the look more.

8.Choose the right lipstick to use with black makeup, whether to opt for neutral shades or light colors for the lips, nude and pink tones are guaranteed success. Apply a nude lipstick and finish with a gloss if you have chosen shades of opaque black in the eye shadow.

9.Makeups do not have to follow all the same rules, you can choose to create your own look, see the trends for the new season and let your creativity do the rest. At the time of removing the makeup should be careful, use a make-up remover for the eyes and another for the face, should gently clean the face and at the end should pass a moisturizer.