Cheap Decorating Tips for rooms

To keep the room decor always updated with the trends without spending a lot of money, just invest in classic pieces and easy to maintain. Get an environment decorated with taste and style, putting into practice some easy tips for cheap decor and sophisticated.


Sofa and armchairs

Instead of changing the living room couch, prefer to reform the part and coat it with a more modern and discreet tissue. Thus, the sofa turns in the decoration base and allows the resident invest in bolder objects such as quilts, colorful pillows, rugs and paintings.

Another tip to decorate the living room, the sofa is to combine style with the seats. To leave more harmonious look, the bottom of the pattern of the chairs should be exactly equal to the sofa color, with drawings in more vibrant shades.


Besides being the fashion coat, the wallpaper is a cheap item and allows you to create a bolder look and fun for the environment. Choose an accent wall to apply the wallpaper of your choice and paint the rest of the room with colors that match the pattern, or that have a more neutral shades.

Decorative objects

The pads with drawings and textures, frames and colored frames, the fun fixtures and many other ornamental objects can dramatically transform the room of production. Do not be afraid to abuse these items, for the visual well loaded and full of color is fashionable. Source: bhg.com