AMD Ryzen proccesor Capabilities and Features

AMD Ryzen proccesor

AMD Ryzen proccesorAMD Ryzen proccesor is claimed to have a specification that is not arbitrary, this one processor is based on octa core technology with clockspeed is at 3.4 ghz which means it can still be improved again according to your needs. the other technology used is almost similar to hyper threading in intel that is able to recognize ryzen has 16 cores. Amd has also embedded a sizeable cache of l2 and l3 up to 20 mb, while it has also adaptive features that can optimize ryzen performance on system loads such as process speed adjustment, operating temperature and still others, this feature is called sense mi. If you look at the performance and efficiency of its power then AMD Ryzen proccesor is believed to outperform the core processor intel core i7 6900k.

The price offered also remains in the market price is not too high, AMD Ryzen proccesor has a price that is almost the same as other processor intel class. Although it is quite affordable but unfortunately you will need a new motherboard if you want to bring products from this amd, this is because AMD Ryzen proccesor using the latest model socket called am4 where can be ascertained if your old motherboard does not have the socket. So, you can set yourself whether you want to use old motherboards or switch with AMD Ryzen proccesor with new motherboard replacement.

Of course, many people that are not familiar with the AMD Ryzen will be questioning if this processor really hold a candle against the intel I series. This is one of the debate that many fans and computer tech has been having in this year. The answer is yes, AMD Ryzen is one of the new processor that can hold a candle and even equal with the famous Intel I series. Especially with the price which is quite budget friendly. Of course, in several parts there will be minus but in overall Ryzen AMD will be a great addition to the new processor and even become a great competitor on its own.