6 Ways to Survive During Difficult Periods


Divorce for married couples is still a very frightening specter. Rukhiyatauditiar Divorce should not be the primary choice in overcoming any marital problems, but if the divorce is forced to come to you are you ready for it? Rukhiyatauditiar I have a good friend who has been married for 9 years and has been blessed with a daughter. Rukhiyatauditar Stepping on the 10th of their marriage age, problem after issue came and went, until finally, their divorce decision agreed together as the best alternative way to overcome the problems they had been facing.


One of them came to me and addressed the problem, feeling sad and disappointed at all his problems. I can not speak much and try to be as calm as possible to listen to all her grievances, trying to empathize with the sadness she feels right now. He was a tough man as long as I knew him, but with his divorce completely destroyed him, to feel his life was meaningless again.

My friend is one of the many who might also feel the same. The impact of divorce is very devastating, not only self-destructive but also others including children. No one wants a divorce, but if your divorce looks good as the only way, maybe you can do the following 6 ways to make divorce unfolded:

1. Give yourself time
During your marriage, you may have been subjected to harsh treatment from your partner to your physical and emotional impact. Take time to calm down for a moment, until your physical and emotional recovered as before.

2. Prepare for change
If as long as you are married you have shared the role of each other in terms of work or housekeeping, now that your divorce does it by yourself (including in taking care of the children if you are a single parent). Begin to get used to the routine as a “bachelor”, initially you will be awkward but gradually you will start to get used again.

3. Keep working together
Keep working with your ex-partner. In certain cases, especially in the care of your son or daughter. Remember your role as a parent will never be discharged, even if you have separated. You can both be separated, but as much as possible do not show it in front of your children, especially if they are not mature enough to understand what a divorce is. Because in their eyes you both keep their parents, their inspiration. Never destroy their future by engaging them in the conflict you both create.


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4. You are no longer responsible for your ex-spouse
Remember, after your divorce is totally irresponsible to your ex-spouse or family. If your ex still expects the things that were once your obligation, now you are entitled to refuse. Generally there are times of transition to get used to these things. If in your heart there are still feelings of longing, try as much as possible not to see him, until you get used and have convinced that you both have separated.

5. Ask for help from family, friends and people closest to you
Sense of sadness, loneliness, loss and others due to the impact of divorce, you should not “swallow” alone. You still have people around you who are very loving and caring to you, take advantage of them. Express your sorrow and weep (even though you are known to be strong), because the heavens and the earth will not collapse and hope will never fade just because of divorce. So get up and move on with your life to be better than your past.

6. Do not rush to find a replacement and do not close your heart to someone new
Do not rush to find a replacement, let your disappointment and sadness completely vanished from your life. Though once your feelings have been hurt, do not close your heart to the possibility of someone much better than your ex entering your heart.

I’m sure with certainty, no one in his heart expects a divorce. In faith that I believe, it says that “What God has united, should not be divorced by man.” No matter how strong you are, keep on asking for help and help from God to help you stay strong in overcoming difficulties for the sake of adversity you are facing. I leave my hope that there will be no hearts hurt and the future of children being destroyed. Divorce is not the best solution, but when divorce comes to you I hope